I just can’t get enough


9 Kommentare zu “I just can’t get enough

    • thank you! i pretty much laughed my head off when i saw this little friend. he kept crawling into the flower, covering himself more and more with that sweetness and then he walked off like this. it was hilarious 😀

  1. It’s springtime here in Atlanta, too–everything is in bloom, and the yellow pollen is EVERYWHERE!! (not just on the tiny heads of tiny insects:-) ) Still, we Georgians do love our gorgeous springtime azalea, cherry, and dogwood blossoms. You have done an outstanding job caputuring the wonders of Fruehling on your lens!

    • hello robin, thank you for your kind words! now that is nice to hear from atlanta! i visited atlanta a few times years ago, and i had the priviledge of visiting the wonderful savannah too. now that was one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. i was scared of some of the insects you have though, gosh i saw the biggest wasps ever there :D. i wish you a wonderful spring time with lots of wonders to enjoy!

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