A wee stroll on a springy day


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    • hey sharon! 🙂 well, i often get the feeling paradise lies in the details. however, i „only“ live in berlin and there are probably as many people who love this city as there are people hating it (i sometimes can’t make up my mind either). berlin is definitely loud, dirty, poor, trashy, punky and weird. and at the same time it is serene and beautiful and vibrant. it is funny but sometimes i take the nicest pictures in really ugly regions, you know, like abandoned places, backyards, industrial areas, train stations etc. – you’d probably be surprised about the „making of“ :D.

      • It’s all in the eye of the beholder…isn’t it so true that we see what we want to see and that each day is as beautiful as we make it. Thank you for making beautiful worlds because it overflows from your heart. Thanks for the making of – I had kind of imagined you in all different angles to get those shots! 😀 bye for now. Goodnight Berlin!

        • you are certainly right sharon, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. and when there are days when everything seems grey or sad, then opening up for the beauty within things can be a (spiritual) exercise. i am glad to find then that beauty hasn’t went away in the meantime ;). hugs, giannina

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