Die Autorin/About me

Ich bin Giannina. Der ein oder andere kennt mich vielleicht von der „Mutterseite“ Klanggebet.

Seit 2005 wohne ich in Berlin. Dort arbeite ich als Klangbeterin. Dies ist ein Beruf – besser: eine Berufung – die inneres Beten in Klang fließen lässt, für Menschen mit einem Herzensanliegen, einer Not oder einem Wunsch.

Inneres Beten hat viele Gesichter. Es ist eine Haltung der Aufmerksamkeit, der Verbundenheit und der Begegnung. Die Klanggebete, die ich singe, sind zu Wort und Klang geronnenes Gebet. Die Texte des Klanggebet Blogs sind Betrachtungen, Reflexionen und lyrischer Ausdruck mystischer Erfahrung. Das Bildgebet nun ist ein drittes – Ausdruck erwachenden Sehens.

Gebet ist liebevolle Hinwendung zu allem was ist. So darf auch das Auge aufmerksam sein, und die Gegenwart des Einen in der Schöpfung ahnen, und sich dem Mysterium nähern, wie Er über sie hinausweist.

(P.S.:Ich bin keine Fotografin – zu fotografieren ist für mich Erholung und Genuss. Viele Schönheiten sind mir überhaupt erst durch das Fotografieren aufgefallen, beispielsweise als ich das erste mal am Rechner sitzend in die acht Augen einer Sektorspinne schauen durfte. Alle Bilder verdanken sich zweier einfacher Kompaktkameras aus dem Hause Canon.)


My name is Giannina. One or the other may know me from the Klanggebet homepage (soundpraying).

In 2005 I moved to Berlin. I work as a soundhealer, psychic and spiritual companion. This is my vocation – and my work ist to let inner praying flow into sound and words that help people with a need for healing.

Inner prayer has many forms. It is an attitude of attention, an awareness of being connected and a willingness to encounter the inner and outer world. The spiritual songs that I sing are words and sounds formed into praying. The articles in my Klanggebet Blog (unfortunately only in german) contain observations, reflections and poetic expression of mystical experience. This foto blog now is a third way of inner prayer – expression of awakening vision.

Prayer is loving devotion to all that is. Our eyes may be aware, and unfold perception of the divine presence in creation, yet finding the divine remains a mystery.

(PS: I’m not a photographer – taking photos for me is relaxation and enjoyment. I have learned about many forms of beauty simply by taking macro-pictures of things the eye barely sees. Like the time when i sat at my computer going through my fotos and I looked into the eight eyes of a little spider. That was like falling in love. As to the technical side of it all: All the pictures you find here are taken with two little Canon compact cameras that i carry around in my trousers pocket. So I am always prepared.)

23 Kommentare zu “Die Autorin/About me

  1. herzlichen glückwunsch, giannina! ich erfreue mich mit dir an deinem neuen blog und bin gespannt, wo der blick deiner seele hinfällt. lasse dein herz in die welt strahlen!
    mit lieben grüßen

  2. Tja meine Liebe muss Dich entäuschen bei der Schönheit der Bilder bist Du eine Fotografin 🙂 Sorry danke schon mal jetzt dafür ! Herzlichsten Gruss Michael

  3. No wonder my eyes are tearing up with joy and gladness drinking in the peace, beauty, creativity and most of all the kindness that you capture in everything you do. I’m so glad you found me and I found you back! Hugs, Sharon

    • dear sharon, now that was a surprise and joy to see your comments of today. i am so honored, flattered and most of all i am happy because i feel deeply understood in what this here is all about. funny enough, i was about to drop you a line anyway because i am really so happy i found your blog, and it has already given me so much to reflect in my heart. the way you sum it up there in „the goodness in all of us“ and „making the world a better place“ and „nourishment for the soul“ just says it all – so does the subtitle of your blog, the wonderful baha’u’llah quote. it was simply one of these moments when you find a shiny star among stars :). so i am really happy to see that you and your little one enjoyed the fotos shown here and of course you and all your loved ones are welcome :). there is so much more beauty we can share. so thank you for your kind words and comments, i enjoyed them to the fullest. a hug back and until soon, giannina

  4. My dearest Giannina! It gives me great pleasure to nominate you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!! HUGS. If you decide to accept this Award please visit http://aleafinspringtime.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/my-first-blog-award/ for more information. This blog has brought so much joy to my heart. I just have to let the whole world know! And please do me the honour of allowing me to make you my first link on the Blogroll. Sharon
    p.s. there is no expiry date in accepting the Award. Take your time.

    • dear sharon, now you got me speechless. (see, i couldn’t respond for one day). that is such a pleasure and i feel very honoured by you. and all the lovely things you said, here and in your blog – thank you from the bottom of my heart. and how could i not accept this award, i simply love the fact that you thought of me. (i will do it properly though and make an official posting with nominees and all). and yes, i would be happy to be on your blogroll! absolutely! you made me smile, thank you and until soon :).

  5. Dear Giannina, First, I thank you for having a look at my site and sending me your compliment on my Wicked Wink photo. This was—as all photos actually are—a rendering of a brief moment in time, catching him at the end of a large yawn, and it belies his consistently gentle nature. I have had a first look at your website and am honored that you have expanded your artistic universe to include me and mine. Your natural talent for photographing the beauty you see is extraordinary. Ich freue mich sehr darauf, Dich und Deine Kunst besser kennenzulernen! —Gary

    • dear gary, thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting. as i see you speak german very good! i am looking forward to sharing more beautiful moments with you, here and there :).

  6. Hello Giannina, thankyou for visiting the Naturephile and taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve had a brief look at your blog and read your ‚About‘ page and I love what you’re trying to do. You have a delightful blog full of superb images. I’ll be visiting again… and again.

    PS I can’t agree with you when you say you’re not a photographer. You have a huge talent for spotting the subject and making the picture.

    • dear finn, thank you so much for stopping by and for your compliments – i am flattered. you are welcome to visit again and again and again 🙂 and by the way i love your avatar – spiders have their own category in this blog. i mean, it’s obvious they deserve a category of their own :).

  7. Neben Deiner wunderwollen Seite Klanggebet bin ich nun auch hier gelandet. Die wundervollen Bilder begeistern mich schon lange und mein Wunsch ebenfalls wieder mehr zu fotografieren ist jetzt erwacht. Kannst Du mir bitte sagen mit welchen Kameras Du diese wunderbaren Makro-Aufnahmen machst ?

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